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Don't Be a Grinch!

Posted in: Forgiveness | By: Dean Smith
December 14, 2011

Give The Gift of Forgiveness this Christmas
Hello, my name is Grinch and I live in a cave on a mountain near a city named, Whoville. Although I’m green and really quite ugly to the human eye, you may find that we have a lot in common. See, when I was young, someone I loved betrayed me, hurt me, lied to me, and abused me. This made me so angry, that I decided I was never ever ever going to let it go. I have kept the pain and the memory of the betrayal as top of mind as possible and someday in some way, I may even attempt to get revenge. If you’ve ever been hurt, maybe you can relate.

On the outside I may have looked quite calm and normal, but when anyone said something that reminded me of the betrayal, I internally welled up for days and I made sure to guard my heart against anyone who tried to get in or attempt for me to come out. I would pretend to let people know me but I secretly would never let anyone “too close”. Then, one day, somehow, love twizzled its way past the tall gates of my heart and everything in my life seemed to change. I began to see myself and others from a different perspective and I began thinking loving and productive thoughts instead of hateful and destructive thoughts. I’ve started receiving love and although I still get hurt sometimes, I’m now able to forgive and love the very ones who’ve hurt me.

This Christmas season, DON’T BE A GRINCH!
Receive God’s gift of forgiveness and grace. Allow His love to fill you up and then pour out. This is the perfect time to stop letting your past hurts dictate your current thoughts, emotions and actions. As you spend real authentic time with God in prayer and in the Word, you will receive more grace and peace (2 Peter 1:2). When you have more love in you, then more love can pour out of you.

Who knows, maybe you will dramatically affect someone’s life when you show them love they never expected.
Merry Christmas!

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